What we do

Design Capabilities

Since 2000 Profab Engineering Limited’s experience in deploying proven mechanical installations in over 50 Potable and Wastewater plants, along with Hospital and medical facilities, is evident and testament to the exacting high standards we strive for on every project. Along with our own expertise, we have collaborated with clients own inhouse design teams, and have successfully carried out bespoke process manufacture and installations, as shown below,

Commitment to Standards

We commit ourselves to the implementation of the latest design, engineering, and execution standards. Profabs reputation has been built on successful projects throughout the Water, pharmaceutical, hospital and medical industries

Passion for Innovation

We aim to provide our clients with innovative solutions to meet their changing and challenging needs. Our Can-Do attitude, reflects our determination and willingness to achieve results. Following on from a successful Nationwide rollout of Cryptosporidium units we manufactured, we are currently collaborating with a leading third level institution in designing and manufacturing similar Covid units that could ultimately assist Local and National health authorities in monitoring the community spread of the virus, from Wastewater analysis

Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance contracts

Profab Engineering Limited also provides maintenance services either on-call service or maintenance contracts in order to support our client’s operators in the water, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, when they have any issues that need resolving, or to stop occurring.

Profab engineering Facilities Management

Profab Engineering Limited provides clients with an engineering maintenance service tailored to meet specific requirements. By outsourcing maintenance to Profab engineering limited, customers can concentrate on running their core business. Facilities management represents a unique set of challenges. As with many other services, FM tends to go unnoticed until something goes wrong. Given the breadth of services that are available within the FM market – from heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) and mechanical & electrical (M&E), to cleaning, security and landscaping – and all the potential points of failure on any given day, an FM department can face a formidable and potentially expensive task. We aim to relieve your team of this burden. The decision to outsource these by your organisation, will create tangible benefits around operational efficiency and cost savings.